Excellent service is the core of our business. Our dedicated and experienced teams take ownership for all aspects of your project. We hold ourselves accountable for the successful delivery of your project.
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Immersion Cooling

This is the cold truth. No other company has such experience or knowledge in the field of liquid immersion cooling for data centers like us. For over a decade, we have overcome the limitations and set new standards for the cooling and efficiency of data centers around the world by offering proprietary technologies.

Air cooling

A new look at old technology. We reviewed the approach and implementation of air cooling for large data centers. We were able to immediately solve several problems of air cooling. We reduced power consumption and significantly reduced the noise of our data centers

Construction management

Our mission to provide clients with comprehensive construction services has resulted in more than 90% repeat client business. With the goal of being the best, not the biggest, we offer customized solutions remaining true to our core markets and focusing on the goals of our clients. No matter what project delivery method, our pursuit of excellence drives every effort and project.

Design & construction of data centers

Our mission is to create new and technically advanced data centers for any purpose. We use only the perfect technology to implement the projects of our customers and the main characteristics for us are quality and reliability.

Virtual Design & Construction

Cutting edge technology and innovative thinking makes us better builders. We use the BIM model and other tools to capture and coordinate all project information to build efficiently and with the highest quality. Our in-house team uses advanced technology including 3D/4D modeling, laser scanning, drone flights, logistics planning, collision detection, quantity extraction, visual rendering, and virtual quality walks. More information to help analyze and visualize the project early-on leads to better decisions and outcomes in the field.


Our mission is to address the communication gap, as prefabricated materials reduce overall schedule time, improve quality, reduce waste, reduce local labor needs, and provide safer, more organized workplaces. Holder works with our design partners and sales partners to evaluate options for configuration, skidding, modularity, and off-site production to select the best build strategy for each system. We use VDC, working packaging, and other tools to optimize this process for our customers and partners.

Planning & Design Support

We help bridge the communication gap that can sometimes exist between architects and contractors through project planning, design and execution. We leverage our experience and expertise to turn your vision into defined project goals. Our team provides constructability and interdisciplinary review feedback during design when it is most impactful to limit your risk in construction. We continually collaborate with the design team to feed the field during construction the right information at the right time to turn your building over to you on time.

Safety & Risk Management

Our clients entrust us with their safety, security and reputation. Safety on the jobsite and in the offices is our top priority every day. Our goal is to send every member of every project team home safely to their families every night.

Through early collaboration with the client, we take a comprehensive approach to identify and mitigate potential project risks. We develop a plan of action to manage those risks accordingly for the best outcome on the project.


Establishing a culture of commitment and collaboration in the early phases of the project yields positive results in the planning and execution of the project. When it comes to preconstruction, clients and partners recognize Holder for leading the industry. Our services are differentiated by our ability to thoughtfully set your project up for success by balancing the cost, schedule, quality, and scope to meet your goals and exceed expectations.

MEP Building Technology

Today’s building technologies are complicated. Our MEP engineers and systems experts work to deliver high-quality facilities commissioned to your specific needs. We bring expertise in the areas of mechanical, electrical, building automation, power monitoring, structured cabling, audio/visual, security systems, fire alarm & detection, distributed antennas, and other special systems. We support design, procurement, estimating, equipment purchasing operational support and commissioning, as well as customized facility management software solutions.


We help bridge the communication gap that can Prefabrication reduces overall schedule durations, enhances quality, reduces waste, lowers onsite workforce requirements, and provides safer, more organized jobsites. Holder works with our design and trade partners to evaluate options for kitting, skidding, modularization, and offsite production to select the best prefab strategy for each system. We leverage VDC, work packaging, and other tools to streamline this process for our clients and partners.


A wide range of drivers influence our clients’ sustainable initiatives. Whether via LEED, WELL, Green Globes or other programs, we proactively assist our clients by providing education, options, and solutions. We care for your building’s efficiency, your associates’ and visitors’ health, our communities, and our environment. We implement sustainable practices on every project, controlling waste, recycling building materials, and improving air quality.

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